When Customers Talk, Entrepreneurs Need to Listen

Some people blogged that they absolutely hate your product or service. Your marketing guys say these individuals’ opinion won’t impact your company because they lack influence. They couldn’t be more wrong on both counts.

Everyone knows someone who knows someone

Online customers have friends, and those friends have friends, and so on. Just like wildfire, bad reviews can spread quickly and do damage to a brand’s reputation, which could translate into lower sales.

Reputation marketing or management?

As the terms imply, reputation marketing is building a brand’s status, while reputation management is maintaining it. In the case of bad reviews, reputation management is needed to correct the impression and re-establish a positive reputation.

Stop the bleeding

When your brand’s reputation has been wounded, the best thing to do is to take measures to prevent further losses. Reply to the negative comments politely without being too defensive. This kind of transparency is something consumers appreciate in the real world, too.

Creating a good reputation

Gather positive reviews to market your brand’s reputation. The good thing about this is these appraisals will make your brand a positive presence in the marketplace. In addition, your brand will be seen as an authority because of that presence.

Happiness breeds success

Good feedback will affect your brand internally as well. Your employees will take pride in their work and will happily mention your products and services in their social circles. This could open doors to more growth or business opportunities with other companies.


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