Achieving a Turnaround in Reputation

It’s possible to turn a bad reputation into a good one. Rock icon Joan Jett’s solo career is a case in point.

The former band vocalist and guitarist took the punk rock path after her group, the Runaways, was dissolved in 1979. Jett sought help from record producer Kenny Laguna, but due to her wild nature, failed to sign a deal with almost two dozen recording studios. With their self-published album failing to take Europe by storm, Jett and Laguna thought about striking it rich stateside.

One day, Laguna was surprised to hear Jett’s single being played as WNEW’s song of the week—surprisingly odd, given that prior to this, the DJ invited to Jett’s performance left after three songs. Recording studios soon began to take notice, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Joan Jett is proof positive that it is possible to make a total reputational turnaround from negative to positive. Poor reviews may be there to stay; but once customers start to see the good in what you’re doing, it will ultimately overshadow all the bad reviews thrown your way. In much the same way, North Texas reputation marketing experts make sure that their clients’ five-star reviews far outrank adverse comments posted on online review sites and social media.



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